Human Resources Management

The most widely used applications
for managing human resources




Our 25 years´ knowledge and experience with the development of information systems for managing human resources are a guarantee of the added value and quality of solutions we deliver to customers.

Marián Baranovič
Product Manager for Human Resources
and Operational director of the SME Division

SOFTIP HUMAN RESOURCES Plus is among the most widely used applications for managing human resources in Slovakia thanks to nearly 1,200 customers and 9,000 users.

News of 2015

2015 was principally a year of a happy mood. Internally, we implemented a new web application,  SOFTIP HAPPY HR , a modern tool for human resources management.

As an upgrade to the solution for wages processing it is open and compatible to any personnel and wages system. One of the most important advantages is its adaptability to the customer´s specific requirements. The new application is mulilingual and except for Slovak language it is able to work also in German and English mutation. One of its advantages is the accessibility 24/7. Nowadays, SOFTIP HAPPY HR consists in five simple basic modules which are user-friendly, however, they offer everything that a personnel manager, management and employees themselves need. HR administartion, organization, education, evaluation, personel portal.

All the applications of the SOFTIP HUMAN RESOURCES PLUS product, including our latest versions, were submitted to innovation process. We added the support of monitors with high resolution (4K) and all applications work with vector fonts in order to get better legibility. More than thousands of users assisted to our regular seminars at the begginning of a new year, which was due to the legislation changes and our services showed  a year-to-year growth by 20%.

Most significant implementations in 2015

Heineken Slovensko

In the Heineken group we centralized personal data in the organisational structure module. They launched the personnel portal for employees, so they can have access to information and can submit applications. The project had also a relation with undertaking  the wages outsourcing in the Heineken group.


After the implementation in the company Index Nosluš this was another agency that decided to implement approved wages and personnel system by SOFTIP.

MAHLE Behr Senica

After taking over a new company, the fluent start in our data centre was ensured through SOFTIP HUMAN RESOURCES PLUS and attendance system implementation.


With the growing requirements on the information system the company MEDUSA GROUP decided to implement SAP Bussines One along with the SOFTIP HUMAN RESOURCES PLUS. The centralization and implementation of systems into cloud brought optimization of costs.