Helps entrepreneurs
and small businesses develop




Keepi helps entrepreneurs and small businesses develop while providing them with free accounting services to allow them to focus on developing their core business that actually generates income.

Marián Baranovič
Head of the CLOUD Competency Centre

Keepi is available on-line with the basic functionality offered without any fees or time restrictions and regardless of the number of users or the size of the processed agenda.

Users have the option to purchase above-standard services using the e-shop for a period of their choosing. The primary advantages offered by Keepi are legal compliance and reliable support in addition to its modern design. Keepi team professionals advise users using an on-line chat function, which has received a positive response from customers.

Keepi has its own website and is on Facebook.
The web application itself is available at

News of 2015

Keepi is continuously developed based on the needs of customers, which this cloud ERP solution is rapidly attracting.

At the end of the year, Keepi registered nearly 5,520 customers for a total of 7,300 users. The amount of documents processed in Keepi reached 222 000 which means a growth by more than 100% in comparison with 2014.