Strenghten the public
perception of the company




The main objective of the communication strategy during 2015 was, just as previous years, to strenghten the public perception of the company and to build a strong and non-interchangeable brand name of SOFTIP, our products and solutions.

During the year the company systematically cooperated with communication media by means of publishing press releases and company management members´statements concerning topical subjects.

The most content rich external communication channel is the website that serves as a central source of information about the company and its products and services with simplified access to the Customer Zone. The "Write to us" section is used to provide answers to more general questions about SOFTIP; similarly, the email address is available to make direct contact.

A year-long campaign on indoor and outdoor digital display boards in Bratislava and other cities with the goal of promoting the broad portfolio of SOFTIP's products and services that SOFTIP is able to deliver was a major element in external communication in 2014 and strengthened the SOFTIP brand as a comprehensive supplier.

During the year we also kept a regular communication with our current and potential customers through presentation days and seminars.Except for regular trainings concerning legislation changes, our company arranged SOFTIP-SAP Partenership Day., CRM presentation days in Bratislave and Prešov, as well as the regular business meeting of utility companies.

The 8th year of the Conference New Visions in HR 2015, attended by renowned HR specialists, provided SOFTIP a valuable space to communicate the attendees our almost 25 years´experience in the HR area. On this occasion, we should highlight the notable presentation by Mr. Miroslav Tobiáš, our Sales Director, in cooperation with Mrs. Darina Mokráňová, Executive Director of Index Nosluš.

In the area of internal communication SOFTIP annually invests into increasing the efficiency of team cooperation between employees located at various sites across Slovakia and foreign implementations.  Skype for Business, a complex solution for integrated comminucation, have been developed constantly. This innovative communication tool significantly contributes to improve the communication safety, to decrease the communication costs, however, to a large extent it contributes to better and faster team cooperation in the company. Another important internal communication channel within the company is our intranet portal to publish advertisements and documents. Since the beginning of 2016 the intranet portal has been enlarged by the HR portal, as a part of a new web application SOFTIP HAPPY HR.

At the beginning of the summer SOFTIP arranged a sport event SOFTIP Cyklo Tour 2015, having start and finish in Slovenská Ľupča. The event was specifically for customer employees and customers.

Employees were informed and kept up-to-date at regular division and central unit work meetings covering company news as well as corporate strategy and plans.

As is now tradition, all employees have had the opportunity to meet their colleagues, management and shareholders in an informal environment at the SOFTIP meeting held over two days from 11 - 12 June 2015 at Hotel Sitno in Vyhne and 12 – 13 December 2014 at Hotel Grand in Jasná as a year-end company-wide event.


After only six months SOFTIP amazes again in the Microsoft Partner evaluation | 18.12.2015

After having obtained the status of a Microsoft Silver Cloud Productivity Partner six months ago, SOFTIP gets the highest possible competency and becomes a Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity Partner.

Developing SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS | 30.11.2015

SOFTIP moves further the quality and functionality of its complex ERP system, SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS. Its newest version no.7, ported into a higher version of the DELPHI XE7 development environment, provides support to the latest technology, improves users´ working comfort and offers even newer and user-friendly visual features.

We know the winners of the 9th year of the Microsoft Industry Awards | 10.11.2015

Microsoft Slovakia, s.r.o. in 2015 appreciated once more the best software solutions based on Microsoft technologies. The 9th year of the Microsoft Industry Awards competition registered the most innovative solutions by Microsoft partners...

SOFTIP, a.s. won the prize for the best Office 365 enterprise cloud solution.
Thanks to the Microsoft cloud technology the winner brought to MEDUSA Group company cost savings and an ideal platform for its further development.

SOFTIP confirmes the leader position having most SAP Business One certified specialists | 16.10.2015

SOFTIP boasts of the most numerous group of SAP Business One certified specialists in Slovakia. It guarantees a high level of knowledge of this manifold solution for the small and medium enterprises. SAP, as a global leader in the field of enterprise information systems, gives the certificate on the basis of trainings and successfully passed exams.

Keepi, the online accounting, has gained up to 6 300 users in two years | 28.7.2015

A continuous growing in the market in two years. This is also an image of Keepi, the online accounting and invoicing software by SOFTIP which is gaining more popularity every day. It is constantly growing by adding new fuctionalities and possibilities for full-fledged  management of single-entry and double-entry bookkeeping and economic agenda for the smallest businessmen and companies.

SOFTIP is the best SAP Business One partner of 2014 | 13.4.2015

SOFTIP confirmed a long-term leader position among SAP partners for SAP Business One sales and implementation. It provides the management with all processes from customers relatioships, marketing, production, storage, till accounting in small and medium enterprises. Thanks to its professional consultants in 2014 SOFTIP carried out more than a half of SAP implementations in Slovakia, gaining the title of the Best SAP Business One Partner in Slovakia.

Microsoft recognized SOFTIP´s competency in the field of cloud technologies

Magazín TRANSPORT a LOGISTIKA | 11.4.2015

SOFTIP confirmed a high level of its services and solutions and became a Microsoft Silver Cloud Productivity Partner. This competency guarantees to SOFTIP customers qualified professionals with the direct access to the Microsoft technical support. Microsoft Cloud Productivity confirms the best competencies and expert level of knowledge of the cloud solution Office 365 and its implementation.