There is no need to embellish reality
we can simply rely on facts



„The annual balance sheet provides a truthful and authentic image of the financial situation of the company SOFTIP, a.s.  as of December 31, 2015. I admit that this is a bit unusual introduction. The quotation extracted from the Auditor´s Report, however, highlights one important fact – there is no need to embellish reality. We can simply rely on facts.

Dušan Guldan
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Executive Director and ESS Division Director


The first fact

Is that SOFTIP has just concluded a successful year.

The figures themselves speak for further increase of our profit after tax, which is not the only significant indicator. The future is what we mainly are focused on. We realise that enterprises do not require only the standard ERP solutions any more, however, they search for a higher added value. And this is the reason why our strategy lies in innovation.

The second fact

Indicates that the customers with whom we have been maintaining a cooperation for over one year account for up to 45% of our revenues.

Those customers with whom we have been cooperating for over a decade make up almost 53% of the total of our customer portfolio. We are justifiedly proud of providing high quality services and maintaining our customers´loyalty even in this turbulent and competitive environment that we have been experiencing for several years now.

The third fact

Is that we have gained the highest competency and become a Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity Partner.

It is one of several pieces of evidence declaring a high level of our services. SOFTIP has become a respectful partner of the most renowned IT companies in the world. In this sense we rank among market leaders.

All the above mentioned facts are essential for us. However, finally there is one more aspect which is essential for me and which guarantees that SOFTIP has a real potential to become even more successful. Our team. More than 170 great people and professionals that we can rely on. I would like to express my thankfulness to them and to our partners for helping us achieve such excellent results.

It is thanks to them that in 2016 SOFTIP can say that we have already been here for 25 years. And we want to stay here for a long time.