Almost 720 customers
with more than 9000 users




SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS  is a stable, reliable and complex information ERP system.  It fully integrated solution for managing economic and financial processes, managing sales, material and production logistics processes and a comprehensive solution for human resources and payroll management. It provides real-time information on company status and development  which is indispensable for crucial decisions.

Dušan Homola
Product Manager for the SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS IS

Except for basic modules it integrates web upgrades in the area of customer partnership management, purchasing and ordering, as well as in the area of processes for personnel agencies.

It also supports mobile technologies for sales managers to obtain business data regarding their activity and to manage processes which require data editing and recording into the production system, e.g.insured events, etc. directly in the field. Nowadays, almost 720 customers with more than 9000 users have been working with the IS SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS system.

News of 2015

In 2015 our team was focused on improvement of changes which had been started already.

SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS underwent significant development and innovations mostly focused on improvement of users´comfort, simplification of manipulation, smooth working with data, support for monitors with 4k resolution, data visualization, new design and many others. In 2015 SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS confirmed again the position of our flagship products. Except for standard implementations we also succeeded in implementing attractive segment solutions on the basis of this IS.

Most significant implementations of 2015


The company Lavaton specializes in linen and workwear laundry services, including rental. The company changed the existing non-homogeneous and autonomous functioning solution for the complex SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS solution.  This solution allows Lavaton to simplify the management of all services for customers and also guarantees the access to the latest information for the corporation management. Due to the development of specialized logistics the customer comfortably manages records of washing cycles, mantains a detailed overview of each piece of assigned clothing, monitors the residual value and controls the whole washing cycle from reception till expedition.

Mondi SCP

Development and implementation of the MES information system (Manufacturing Execution System) for a pulp dryer,  using the SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS platform. The solution provides:

  • Original solutions for communication interfaces:
  • from the managing system of the dryer machine into MES
  • from MES into the SAP information system for accounting and financial processing
  • The tool for drying procedures and expedition planning including the possibility of table and graphical view in time, expressed in days.
  • Solution for the process of loading executed by forklift conductors  through industrial tablets with unit scanning, using ČK scanners directly from the forklift.
  • Central tool for expedition manager for managing the loading for respective business cases with overview of the status concerning respective deliveries and with the possibility of confirmation for the output in SAP.
  • Reporting.

Baliarne Obchodu, Poprad

Due to the development and implementation of the solution for packaging labels printing and solution for products expedition using PDA mobile devices the customer obtained a homogeneus solution integrated into the IS SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS software. The whole expedition process is mapped through data into the production system, so the whole process is under control.


The project content was to develop and implement the connection of the global personnel system Work Day from the company foreign headquarters into our personnel product SHR. The project was specific because of being managed by foreign project manager and because of the mutual participation of foreign and Slovak solutionists.


Within the next stage of the Forward solution we implemented processes for planning and wood sale. The solution was implemented into the existing Forward solution on the basis of the SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS software.

SAD Dunajská Streda

The implementation of the standard SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS solution was specific due to a new solution for foreign travel orders, including their accounting integration and connection to a foreign IS in the area of loading the border crossings.