SAP Business One, SAP All-in-One

SOFTIP confirmed again
its position of Slovak no.1




Having implemented dozen of projects of SAP Business One, in 2015 SOFTIP confirmed  again its position of Slovak no.1. Both awards granted by the company SAP joined other prizes obtained for our succefull projects.

Miroslav Michálek
Product manager for SAP

The highest amount of total revenues from license sales and most new customers.
No success is possible without hard work.

No success is possible without hard work. New faces have been greeted in our team, 7 our consultants successfully passed the certification in the company SAP.  We also took up several new challenges and get to work on the international Russian-Greek- Slovak project by United Travel, EDI communication and with the same energy we carried out the interconnection of SAP Business One with Microsoft CRM or third parties´products. Taking care of our existing customers has become an inseparable part of our everyday living. We provide them with a high level support whether via Call Centre, Customers´Support Centre or common services.

The SAP Business One application

integrates and covers all basic enterprise activities from classifying relationships with customers, marketing events, purchasing, sales, and warehousing records to financial accounting, maintenance and production processes for small and medium enterprises. Enterprise information is captured in a single system and is available on-line at all times across the entire organization and even remotely using a mobile application. SAP Business One is also available in 41 language versions for more than 150 countries in which it is sold, supported and compliant with local legislation. This allows you to expand your business domestically and abroad.

SAP Business All-in-One solutions

are the best choice for medium sized enterprises searching for a comprehensive, integrated industry solution to enhance their business in every regard. These solutions facilitate the management of all activities, including financial accounting, human resources, procurement, warehousing management, production, logistics, product development and enterprise services to customer service, sales and marketing.

News of 2015

From the global point of view In 2015 SAP Business One reached a worldwide magic

boundary of 50,000 clients and confirmed its position of the top ERP system. SOFTIP contributed to this amount, too. In 2015 we greeted several new members in the SAP family.

Last year a great part of our effort was focused on our own products development. The result was a multilingual application named ApprovalOne. This brand new web application is aimed to manage the approval process of documents. It presents an upgrade of the SAP Business One information system, providing a transparent movement of documents, their approval and following electronic archiving. We succeeded not only in lowering the error rate and minimalizing the time loss factor but also in simplifying the access to information regardless the place and time. Except for the development, in 2015 we managed to carry out pilot implementations, too. Also it is worth mentioning the application for inventory checking of goods using barcode via mobile devices on the iOS and Android platform.

Most significant implementations in 2015


A business company dedicated to purchasing and sales of natural fertilizers on the basis of seaweed needed to carry out logistics and economic procedures, as well as the connection of  SAP Business One with Microsoft CRM. The implementations were carried out both in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic.

B2B Services

This business company required to implement logistics procedures between suppliers and buyers in form of the EDI communication and with connection to economics.

B.E. Service

A company dedicated to facility management. Due to the implementation of the  SAP Business One the company obtained the coverage of service procedures and maintenance planning for buildings.

Badinotti Slovakia

Net manufacturer.


The main objective of this project was a complex coverage of economic, logistics and production procedures in the area of railway machinery reconstruction and repair.


We successfully implement SAP Business One within a group of companies dedicated to gastronomy services. Except for standard economic activities we provided the connection to the restaurant system in order to automate and simplify the whole accounting agenda. We managed to cover requirements on catering management and planning. By ApprovalOne implementation the whole procedure of income invoices and purchase orders is carried out electronically according to defined rules.

Mlyn Kolárovo

In one of the Slovak largest mills we implemented economics in connection to the external production.

OVB Allfinanz Slovensko

The implementation of SAP Business One covered the whole economic and logistics procedure.

Sladovňa SESSLER

Thanks to the implementation of the system the customer obtained a complex coverage of production, logistics and economic procedures.


A global company acting in the area of tourism and booking operations. The implementation of SAP Business One took place both in Bratislava and Moscow.