We try to support
the other areas of living




Almost 25 years SOFTIP has been developing, supplying and servicing  inteligent systems which allow thousands of companies to optimize the use of their sources. During all those years we have been providing a significant support also to other areas of living, such as the culture, sports, education and environment protection.

We supported three associations in the form of the 2% of income tax charitable contribution.

First of them is a citizens´group  named Dúhové deti founded to help our ex-colleague´s daughter, Silvinka Dávidová. We believe that our small amount will help develop the possibilities of her recovering. The second association is SAMIK which seeks to support the creation and presentation of spiritual and cultural. The third is a citizens´group  Slovenský zväz bedmintonu. We became its partner in 2015.  „Maybe it is symbolic that bedminton as the most dynamic sport in the world is supported by the organisation which is one of the most dynamic companies and is also known for its non-traditional and brave solutions within the area of IT.“ said Anton Siažik, SZBe Prezident.

We also used a portion of funds from the social fund to support some of our employees who found themselves in difficult situations due to chronic and severe illnesses. We truly appreciate our employees and consider it our duty to help them.

SOFTIP supplemented its existing Quality Management System to include an Environmental Management System (EN ISO 14001) within the Integrated Management System (IMS) project. Environmental aspects are evaluated on an annual basis and measures are adopted to mitigate our negative impact on the environment.

We strive to improve quality of life within our working activities and in our civic engagement. We have introduced recycling and separate waste collection at all our workplaces, giving preference to glass bottles over plastic bottles in supplying beverages to employees and optimising printing to decrease toner and paper consumption. Simultaneously we maximize the company´s electronic documents and records registration. Our daily communication within the whole organisation is carried out via Skype for Business functionality (conference calls, desktop sharing, sharing documents, e.i.). 20th September 2015 we became the advertisement partner of the event Join us! It was an interactive game aimed at inventions to make the living easier and protect our environment.  Displaying specific exemples,  we gave advice on how information technologies contribute to save energy and how to use natural sources more efficiently, not only in our homes but mainly at work.

Environmental aspects are a major component in operating company fleet vehicles. We optimise business trips and take fuel consumption into consideration when choosing new vehicles. We also increase the environmental awareness of our employees within internal communication activities.

With respect to our customers, we also have undertaken a concerted effort to switch over to electronic invoicing, which has a clearly positive impact on more efficient use of natural resources and is also very convenient and cost efficient. As of 31st December 2015 we have concluded more than 655 contracts on electronic invoicing. Since March 2014 we have enhanced electronic invoicing capabilities to include the ability to distribute invoices using the partnering Zelená pošta system. We have implemented identical solutions for sending electronic invoices in solutions for our customers.

We turn over all scrapped technical equipment to authorized recyclers and disposal companies licensed for electrical equipment and electronics. The collection of electronics and electrical equipment by our contracted partner was a service provided to our customer as well. We are proud to exclusively install components that comply with the RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances) Directive in technical infrastructure we deliver to customers.