SOFTIP výroba

Maximum productivity, efficiency
and flexibility of production activities




The comprehensive SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS information system includes solutions designed to support and manage production processes and to administer various services and maintenance activities use.

Ján Kapoun
Product Manager for SOFTIP VÝROBA

This module provides users with a convenient way to automate and optimise production activities in order to achieve maximum productivity, efficiency and flexibility in respective activities.

SOFTIP VÝROBA (SOFTIP PRODUCTION) is a complex information system which provides its users with online information from the sales processes and technical preparation of production, the whole logistics chain, the production itself, till the management and monitoring of supply fulfillment. All production processes are connected with economic information processing. By adding the capacity planning of machinery and professionals the customer obtains another tool for corporate management support, optimal planning. The system also helps support source management and production quality.

Optimization of sources and utilization of production recourses helps to a significant extent save recourses also in the investment area which contributes to enhance the competitiveness of the SOFTIP VÝROBA application users.

News of 2015

During 2015 the interest in the SOFTIP VÝROBA product increased.

In connection to the already applied solutions and also perspectively according to the registered interest from the part of potential customers our solutions were improved with further processes increasing the quality, competitiveness and opening the way towards other segments, which strenghtened SOFTIP position within the production segment. We continued with the modernisation  and extension of functionalities not only for applied segments but also for further sales support.

Due to continuing with the development we succeeded in extending the scope apart from priority machine production also in further areas of retail custom production, food production but also in the area of services. During the year we progressively added the following functionalities:

  • Capacity planning of the machinery and professionals,
  • Utilization analysis of the production capacities, personnel capacities and working time fund,
  • Optimization of logistics procedures of high-rack stacker,
  • Management of commision payments and remuneration of employees entering the production processes,
  • Communication with CAD systems as Windchill, ePlan, Solidworsk and customer information systems in the area of production technological preparation.

Most significant implementations of 2015


Implementing the product SOFTIP PROFIT and its connection with the construction software the customer obtained a tool for a complex management of all processes. The key task was the management of all production and service processes, cooperative relations with internal and also external environment. An effective cost management from planning, through real consumption till evaluation of the production effectiveness contributed to increase the competitiveness of the company.


The key objective of the project was to automate the whole preparation and production process, including the expedition, taking into account the variants defined in the purchaser´s order.


This segment of production of food, non-alcoholic drinks and alcoholic beverages required a complex solution. The main product is manufactured using the prescriptions with a clear batching and monitoring of expiration dates. The packaging process imports different bills of materials with a precise link to the customers´orders, with connection to the EDI communication. The key process was to implement a complex administration and excise tax reporting with connection to their administrator.


The complex information system except for the standard processes solution deployed in this company contained implementation of an unambiguous registration of components for production and servis of game machines. An inseparable part of the given project was also the administration, complex servis and accounting management of running game rooms and installed devices with an upgrade providing the basic documentation for tax administration from game cabinets and lotteries.