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Year reviews for really fast




As for evaluating the last year from the point of view of the ESS division, the most appropriate words should be really fast.  We started working at a high speed which did not decrease even during summer, normally the period of work rhythm attenuation.

Zoltán Špila
Operational Director of the ESS Division

We worked again on projects which brought new objectives and challenges.

We can mention the development of SimBiz application which allows students to obtain knowledge in the area of financial management by linking theoretical knowledge and simulation of conditions in the application. The solution for Štátna ochrana prírody was interesting because in cooperation with several subcontactors we developed a unique system for decision support related to reevaluation of protected landscape areas. The results of the mentioned projects confirmed that not only we have people able to penetrate into new areas quickly, but also we have a sufficient creative potential.

news in 2015

Another areas of projects implemented in 2015

Portal and web solutions as upgrades to the existing production and support systems or as independent solutions for selected support areas.

Business Intelligence and  Management Information Systems including controlling and its upgrades supporting decission making process regarding all levels of management in different types of organisations, from manufacture companies, utility companies, financial institutions till state administration authorities.

Management and maintenance planning of real estate of the company according to the legislative requirements and internal standards of companies.

Registers for data record-keeping and administration.

Insured events: records and liquidation of insured events with connection to the ERP system.

Public procurement: public procurement processes management within the organisation.

Document management system on the Sharepoint platform.

SOFTIP GARANT aimed at the operation and management of pension funds, supplementary pension funds and pension administration companies (II. and III. pillar of the pension security system).